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Carrot Rabbit – Free crochet pattern

I found on instagram a beautiful model of bunny in the shape of a carrot, I translated and interpreted it in my own way. The creator is @kanna_toys

Alya Doll – Free crochet pattern in English, Italian and French

Here is the Alya doll, a free pattern found on YouTube, its creator being Beyzalle CRAFT. I translated and interpreted […]

Amelia Goose – Free crochet pattern and video tutorial

And here’s another creative idea: let’s see together how to make Amelia Goose. In this tutorial I want to give you a little […]

Fat rabbit with sweater – Free crochet pattern

I found this pattern on Pinterest and I have crocheted it because I liked the design. The creator of this model is Irina Lelyakova, but as expected […]