Black-Necked Swan – Free crochet pattern

La traduzione italiana può essere trovata qui.
La traduction française peut être trouvée ici.
La traducción al español se puede encontrar aquí.
A magyar fordítás itt található.
Traducerea in limba română o puteți găsi aici.

If you want to make a nice and special gift, handmade, I invite you to watch the two Black-Necked Swan videos on my CarmenCrochet YouTube channel.

The black-necked swan is the largest South American waterfowl.

Swans are known to have a triumph ceremony. Such ceremonies are when a male attacks a rival suitor, then returns to his potential mate to perform an elaborate ceremony while posturing and calling.

The term “swan song” comes from the ancient Greek belief that a swan sang a song of death when its life was about to end.

Habitat loss, including draining of many marsh and wetland areas, continues to be the largest threat to this species.They also continue to be hunted for their down, used for clothing and cold weather bedding. And although the demand is decreasing, these swans are also hunted for food.

I wanted to create such a swan with a crochet hook and here it is!

The videos I made have the pattern on the screen in English, Italian and French.

I hope to satisfy your passion for amigurumi !!!

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