Christmas Tree – Free crochet pattern in English, Italian and French

La traduzione italiana può essere trovata qui.
La traduction française peut être trouvée ici.
La traducción al español se puede encontrar aquí.
A magyar fordítás itt található.
Traducerea in limba română o puteți găsi aici.

When most people think of Christmas it’s likely that one of the first images that springs to mind is a nice big Christmas tree beautifully decorated with plenty of tinsel and baubles, as well as a large pile of presents underneath. Along with Father Christmas and the traditional Nativity scene, the Christmas tree really has come to embody the spirit of Christmas. Given how important they are to the festivities then, you may well stop and wonder “why do you have a christmas tree?”. Afterall, when you think about it there is something a little bit unusual about bringing in a big old tree from outside and having it in the corner of your living room or classroom for a month or so. The short answer is that the Christmas tree has very special qualities which Christians believe are symbolic of the everlasting life of Jesus Christ and the connection between God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Evergreen trees like firs and spruces which we use as Christmas trees have been used in Pagan winter festivals for thousands of years, and they act as a symbol of the coming spring. For Christians, the tree symbolises a connection with God, and for them the triangular shape is thought to represent the Holy Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Christians also believe that because evergreen trees never lose their foiliage and remain green all year round they represent the eternal life that we can all experience in heaven.

I wanted to create such a Christmas Tree with a crochet hook and here it is!

The videos I made have the pattern on the screen in English, Italian and French. You will also find subtitles in the mentioned languages.

In the tutorial I used abbreviations in English (black), Italian (red) and French (blue). The abbreviations used by me in the video tutorial can be found here.

I hope to satisfy your passion for amigurumi !!!

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