Easter Basket – Free crochet pattern with a video guide

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I discovered a very interesting YouTube tutorial by the creator Lyubov Lyubimova with this basket very suitable for Easter. I bought all the materials and got to work. It’s not as easy to crochet as it looks, but I really wanted to make it. With a little attention and will, nothing is impossible!

I thought maybe you would like to try such a project and here I transcribed the Russian pattern. Where I thought it was necessary I put the link where you can watch how it is done.

Good luck with that!


  • Acrylic yarn 300m/100g in the following colors: white, raw green, yellow, light blue.
  • About 10 meters of transparent and flexible PVC tube for food use, thickness 3-4 mm
  • 6 halves of black beads 6 mm in diameter for the eyes of the chicks
  • Orange thread for embroidery
  • Hook No. 1,75
  • Pins, scissors, needle.
  • Wooden ladybugs for decoration

Abbreviations: here


White color yarn:

  • 1. 8sc in MR

Cut the end of the tube about 3 cm in length, leaving half of its diameter, and start to catch the tube in the work while crocheting (watch video at 2:42). Crochet more lightly than usual so that the base of the basket is perfectly flat.

  • 2. 8 inc = 16
  • 3. (1sc, inc) x 8 = 24
  • 4. (1sc, inc, 1sc) x 8 = 32
  • 5. (3sc, inc) x 8 = 40
  • 6. (2sc, inc, 2sc) x 8 = 48
  • 7. (5sc, inc) x 8 = 56
  • 8. (3sc, inc, 3sc) x 8 = 64
  • 9. (7sc, inc) x 8 = 72
  • 10. (4sc, inc, 4sc) x 8 = 80
  • 11. (9sc, inc) x 8 = 88

Change to raw green color yarn!

  • 12. (5sc, inc, 5sc) x 8 = 96

Start crocheting tighter than usual so that the walls of the basket form.

  • 13. 96sc
  • 14. (5sc, inc) x 16 = 112
  • 15. 112sc

Change to white color yarn!

  • 16-22. 112sc (7 rounds)

Count and mark the 56th single crochet. Leave 27-28 cm of the tube and fix it with a clip to the marker and return with another 28 cm of tube back to the beginning of the row and continue crocheting by catching the tube as before. Fix the two tubes for the handle with clamps. In the video, the creator uses an electrical tape that removes it when crocheting the basket handle. (watch video from 21:42)

  • 23. 55sc, 2sc (grab the handle as well), 36sc, cut the end of the tube about 3 cm in length, leaving half of its diameter, 19sc, 1slst. Cut and hide the thread.

Change to raw green color yarn!

Start crocheting with 2 stitches in the back (there will be four stitches under the handle, in which we crochet 3dc in each.)

  • 24.  3ch, 2dc in the same st, 3 inc3dc, 52 inc-dc, 4 inc3dc, 52 inc-dc, 1slst in the third ch of starting chain = 232
  • 25. 3ch, 231dc = 232  (3ch=1dc)

Crochet single crochets (sc) on the handle of the basket with light blue thread – watch video at 32:27. (I have preferred raw green but in addition I have inserted a wire between the 2 tubes so that the handle does not bend.)

Where you have crocheted 3dc in the same stitch, wrap the handle and sew it with raw green thread.(in the 46:42 minute)


Yellow color yarn:

  • 1. 7ch, from the second ch from hook crochet: 5sc, inc4sc, and on the other side of the chain: 4sc, inc = 15
  • 2. 1inc, 4sc, 4inc, 4sc, 2inc = 22
  • 3. 1inc, 7sc, 4inc, 8sc, 2inc = 29
  • 4. 1inc, 10sc, 4inc, 12sc, 2inc = 36
  • 5. 1inc, 6sc, 2ch, 3dc with the same peak (three double crochet cluster stitch), 1ch. Cut and hide the thread. Continue counting 19 sc and in the 20th crochet with a new thread: 1slst, 2ch, 3dc with the same peak, 1ch. Cut and hide the thread.

Glue the eyes, make a tuft on the head, embroider the beak and the claws. Watch the video from 15:16.

DANDELION x 9 (for 3 bouquets)

The stem

Raw green color yarn:

  • 1. Leave a starting thread of 10 cm and crochet 10ch, skip 3ch, inc3dc, 1ch. Leave a tail for sewing.

The flower

  • Make a pompom (wrap the thread on two fingers 8 times – watch video at 23:06), and sew it to the stem. Brush it with a cat brush or untie the threads with a needle.

The bouquet

  • Tie three stems at the end of the three threads left at the beginning and tie them under the last row of green crocheted on the chosen place, then glue the flowers to the basket. (watch video from 31:10)

Then stick the chicks and the other dandelion bouquets. Add the ladybugs as a decoration.

I added a dandelion and a leaf on the handle.

If you want to make a leaf, here is the pattern: 13ch, from the second ch from hook crochet: 2sc, [(1sc, picot, 1slst in the same stitch of sc), 1sc] x 4, (1sc, picot, 1slst in the same stitch of sc) x 2, then on the other side of the chain: [(1sc, picot, 1slst in the same stitch of sc), 1sc] x 5, 1sc.

Picot = 3ch, 1sc in the first ch of the chain

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