Easter Hen

La traduzione italiana può essere trovata qui.
La traduction française peut être trouvée ici.
La traducción al español se puede encontrar aquí.
A magyar fordítás itt található.
Traducerea in limba română o puteți găsi aici.

I remember that as a child, but especially during the school years, I was told that I did not have creativity,  especially that I am not patient enough to work with hands, like this…

 I liked to read, but compared to my sister which was talented (not only in drawing, but also in sewing, crocheting and anything else that requires handcrafts), since everyone praised her for being creative, I didn’t even try to do something handy, thinking that I will never be able to do what she makes.

The years passed and in the circumstances not very pleasant for a woman who never stayed at home (I did not like being a simple housewife), who was financially independent,  I picked up a hook and yarn and after a few false starts, made my first chain stitch. So i tried to make a doily after a tutorial from youtube … Honestly, I was desperate to make it and I told myself that I will do and undo until I can succeed.

In the evening, when my husband came home and discovered that doily, he told me that it is wonderful and he did not think I had never crocheted … That gave me the courage to continue.

Shortly after searching the internet for various crochet patterns, I discovered the amigurumi technique. And since then I haven’t stopped. Here I am, two years from then, working the whole time, tireless, learning to write my own patterns.

Amigurumi design is math with an artistic flair. As an accountant (I worked for over 20 years in accounting), the fact and methodology dictates my thinking. Amigurumi is surprisingly mathematical! A nose or foot can be created using a simple algebra.  

I always knew the pain of math classes would come in useful one day.. However, I still have not grasped the importance of all those differential equations. Maybe one day I will find out …

I discovered on Facebook and not only, crafting communities that share the same love for crochet. Where would we all be without social media? That we get to share our finished work with a large community of crochet lovers has, no doubt, kept me motivated and encouraged.

I have met so many wonderful people from all around the world and I have been inspired by the creativity of many.

It’s not just about crochet. I never thought that crochet would allow me to acquire new skills in learning languages, translation, photography, digital illustration.

Now if only there was more time in a day.

Today I will show you a project that I completed yesterday.

I found a photo on the internet and I fell in love with the character!

I did everything to render as accurately as possible in 3D, with the help of the crochet.

In the coming days I will also write the pattern. For other details do not hesitate to send me a message here or on my Facebook page here.

And because today is Valentine’s Day, I wish you all: be loved dearies!!!


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