Hanging flowerpot – Free crochet pattern

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Here is a decorative flower basket that can be hung but also placed on the table if we fill it with fiberfill.
It will be a wonderful gift for Mother’s Day or even for Valentine’s Day. The designer of this model is croche.com.br


  • Cotton yarn n° 5 in the following colors: ocher or cream, green gradient
  • Cotton yarn n° 8:  yellow gradient and green gradient.
  • Hook n° 3 and n° 1,75 Fiberfill (optional)

Abbreviations here


Hook n° 3, cotton 5

Start with 22 chains and close with 1slst forming a ring, 1ch. Work in cercle.

  • 1. 22hdc, 1slst, 1ch = 22
  • 2. (1hdc, inc-hdc)x11 , 1slst, 2ch = 33
  • 3. BLO: 33dc, 1slst, 1ch = 33
  • 4-5. 33sc , 1slst, 1ch (2 rds)
  • 6. (7sc, inc)x 4, 1sc, 1slst, 1ch = 37
  • 7-8. 37sc
  • 9. (5sc, inc)x 6, 1sc, 1slst, 1ch = 43
  • 10-11. 43sc, 1slst, 1ch (2 rds)
  • 12. (4sc, inc, 5sc, inc)x 3, (4sc, inc)x 2, 1slst, 1ch = 51
  • 13-15. 51sc, 1slst, 1ch (3 rds)
  • 16. (5sc, inc, 4sc, inc)x 4, 6sc, inc, 1slst, 1ch = 60
  • 17. 60sc, 1slst, 1ch = 60
  • 18.  (6sc, inc, 7sc, inc)x 4 , 1slst, 2ch = 68
  • 19. 68dc, 1slst, 2ch
  • 20. 68dc, 1slst. FO.

Now with the green color yarn, secure with a slst on the inside of the vase at the base of the penultimate round. See where it is pointed with the hook for attach … So when doing the first round with the green in this penultimate round, the last one will bend and form the rim of the vase.(photo)

  • 1. 1slst, 4ch, (sk 1st, 1dc, 1ch)x 34, 1slst (in the third starting chain) = 34dc
  • 2-6. 4ch, (1dc, 1ch)x 34, 1slst (in the third starting chain) = 34dc  (5 rds).

  • 7. 4ch, sk 1dc, 1dc, (1ch, sk 1dc, 1dc)x 16, 1slst = 17dc 8. 3ch, (1hdc, 1ch)x 16, 1slst = 17hdc

  • 9. 1ch, 68 sc (sc in sc bellow and in the arc of 1 ch)

Hanging ring

  • 1. 10ch and close with 1slst forming a ring
  • 2. 1ch, 30sc in the ring, 1slst.

  • 3. 6ch and fix with slst to the pot, 1sc on the edge of pot, 6ch, 1sc on the ring, 6ch and fix again with slst to the pot.

Flowers x 5

Hook n° 1,75, cotton 8    

With yellow gradients:

  • 1. 16dc in MR, 1slst .
  • 2. 5ch, sk 2st, 1sc, 2ch, turn and work in the arc of 5ch: 11dc, turn and 1sc in the second sc jumped, (5ch, sk 1sc, 2ch, turn and work in the arc of 5ch: 11dc, turn and 1sc in the second sc jumped)x 7  (8 petals)

At the last petal, crochet the 5 ch in a sc behind the first petal.

Pull the thread behind the flower:

  • 3. 1sc (on the back), [5ch, 1sc (on the next petal)]x 7, 1slst. FO.

You must have 8 chains.

  • 4. [(1slst,4ch, 8dc, 4ch, 1slst)-in each arch]x 8.
  • 5. Repeat round 3. FO.

Now crochet the leaves!

With green:

  • 1. (1slst, 3ch, 4dc, 1picot of 3ch, 4dc, 3ch, 1slst)x 8

Sew or glue the flowers to the flowerpot!

Hanging flowerpots crocheted with the group!!!

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