Sausage Dog – Free crochet pattern

For lovers of the dachshund breed, I have chosen this model, by the creator @bkm_fig.
I also crocheted it, only that I worked it on the wrong side.

For the translation I used abbreviations in English (US terminology) and explanations in three languages: English (black), Italian (red) and French (blue).
You can find the abbreviations here.

Crocheted puppies with my group:

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    • Hi Carmen,
      Thank you for the comment. I introduced this blog protection feature due to the increasing number of content theft from my site. Blog posts are free but cannot be copied. I invite you to browse the blog pages and view directly from there or make print screens and merge them into a Word or PDF file.
      Thanks for understanding.

  • Hi! I need a little help with the rounds where im supposed to do dc or hdc in the flo i don’t really get it.

  • Hi Carmen I can’t thank you enough for the beautiful pattern I can’t wait to get him started and we’ll post him as soon as I am done with credit to you of course..!!! In excellent explanations and description of the pattern..!!! My mother-in-law has just asked me to make her one I can’t wait …!!thank you thank you thank you

  • Hi! Thank you for the pattern! Can you help me with lines 20-26 on the head? It says 2 rds of 54. Is that 2 rounds for 20, 2 rounds for 21, 2 rounds for 22 etc??

  • Hi, I have a question on round 20 for the head, it says 20-26. 54sc (2 rds). So is it 2 rounds or 6 rounds? because 2 rounds would only be 20 and 21, not 20 -26

    • Hi Shearl! Thank you for the comment!
      The body consists of 2 parts: the front part where the front legs will be attached and the back part which is longer. At the end of the pattern you will find a photo showing how these parts are sewn.

  • I made all the parts. The first body ends with 24 stitches, the second body ends with 50 something stitches. Is the first body suppose to slip in the second. The picture for assembly isn’t clear. Also the finished picture shows the head on a neck but there’s no neck int the pattern. Has anyone made it and can they say what they did?

    • Dear Shearl,
      Assembling the body is done in the following way: The first part of the body is oriented upwards with the 24 stitches that hold the place of the neck. The head is sewn by these.
      The second part of the body with 51 stitches at the end is sewn to the side of the first part. Everything is well shown in the assembly photo.

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