The African Flower Elephant

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I love the African Flower pattern and the creative possibilities of using it to make 3D items.

This elephant is made using five different African Flower motifs: Square, Pentagon, Hexagon,  Heptagon and Octagon. It is also an excellent stash buster project, as you only need to use very small amounts of leftover sock yarn to make a motif. It is a Dutch model.

My elephant was crocheted using cotton 8/4 yarn, hook n°1,5. With this weight yarn my elephant has approximately 30 cm measured nose to tail, and approximately 20 cm high at the shoulder.

I crocheted: 3 squares (1 gray and 2 colored), 16 pentagons (12 gray and 4 colored), 20 hexagons (17 gray and 3 colored), 1 heptagon, 2 octagons.

My finished elephant is so soft and pleasant to the touch! I can also use it as a decorative pillow or of course it can be a wonderful toy for children!

Some tips for making such a project out of African flowers:

Let’s know what are the important points and how you will start to make a 3D item!

5 Steps to making your own project of African flowers:

1. Read the whole pattern through properly, so you have a good overview.

2. Make sure you know how to crochet the African Flower hexagon crochet motif.

3. Make sure you are able to crochet the different variations of the African Flower motif, including how to make an African Flower Pentagon, Hexagon, Heptagon and Octagon… For clarity: the pentagon has five petals and five sides, the hexagon has six petals and six sides, the heptagon has seven petals and seven sides and the octagon has eight petals and eight sides. The difference is simply the number of “petal” repeats that you crochet…Each variation is therefore equally easy to crochet.

To help those who do not know how to read a diagram I have  posted a fully explained tutorial on how to crochet an African Flower pentagon ,  which can be found here.

The abbreviations used by me in the video are here.

Other videos that may be useful to you are:

Double magic ring:

How to join the african flowers:

4. Follow the instructions and look at the photo of the assembly to make your work the same as shown in the image. The diagram shows how the pieces are positioned to form the item.

You need a bit of feeling and logical thinking. You can see that there is already a bulging occurring in some parts.

Pin the sides you think they belong together. It’s a puzzle with pentagons, hexagons and other geometric shapes. Pin before you sew to check if you’re going in the right direction.

5. At the end, you can decorate your item as you like and with what you have at hand!

Hoping that my advices will help you, I wish you happy crochet!

Here is my African Flower Elephant !

Other video tutorials can be found here.

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