What is a single crochet offset ?

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Let’s talk about the “displacement single crochet” and its use when crocheting toys!

Very often, the displacement “sc” confuses needlewomen when crocheting amigurumi.

In fact, everything is simple.

You may never pay attention to the “sc comp (sc of compensation)” or “sc offset” and crochet according to the pattern, but then the part can get a little curve. These are the features of crocheting in a spiral.

In order to avoid the curvature, in addition to the row which we finished, we crochet 1 or 2 singles crochet from the next row and do not count them, but simply move the marker 1 or 2 sc to the left!

For example, in the 4th row we have 30 stitches and our marker “went to the right.” We crochet 1 sc offset in the stitches of the 5th row and move the marker. Now we have a new beginning of the row, shifted by 1 sc. Next, we crochet the 5th row of the pattern, starting from the new position of the marker.

The “displacement sc” is the first stitch of the next row (it crochets like a normal sc), but then the second  stitch that goes after it is always considered the first stitch of the row (where we put the marker). Thus, we will align crocheting, and the decreases will be under the increases, and the part will not be twisted.

Please note that the “sc offset” is not included in the total number of stitches counted according to the pattern!

When using a “sc offset”, crochet with a colored thread marker. This will make it easier for you to determine when and how many “sc offset” to use.

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